What to expect

If you go on holiday to the South of France, you will notice that the area is fiercely proud of its customs and traditions. France is a country of culture. Its predominant religion is Catholicism, so religious festivals are observed and celebrated in style. Throughout France, the French people are proud of nationality and their country. Most of them are strongly political and view their country as one of the most privileged countries in the entire world. They believe that they have the best wine, cuisine, and government system in the world.

Paris is widely known as the world’s fashion capital, with catwalk models, trendy clothing, and great fashion shows. The French have a stylish dress sense that is emulated throughout the whole country, with professional, sophisticated, dressing being seen throughout the country. If you’re keen to observe, the French women are more careful to cover up their bodies than the British, with short skirts and shorts rarely seen.

The French are naturally very friendly and hospitable people, but they appreciate a lot when their visitors make an effort to fit into their culture, which they’re demonstrably proud of. In many senses, the French are innately private people, so you’ll find that in France, there’s a high degree of courtesy and formality between strangers, more so in business. People who know each other often greet each other by a light kiss on both cheeks, once on the left and once on the right. First names are only used for family members and close acquaintances.

Holidays and celebrations
As you expect in a Catholic country, festivals especially Christan ones such as Easter and Christmas are important events. They also celebrate Saints days, with each day of the year being dedicated to a certain saint. Traditionally, French children were named after Saints depending on the day they were born, but today the saint’s name is mostly used as a middle name. Another important festival celebrated in France is Bastille day, on14th July. This was the day when the French revolution started.

Fine art
France, especially in Paris, has a good reputation for fine art. They have a number of museums that showcase various arts from different famous artists. Louvre museum, for instance, is one of the most famous and celebrated galleries in the entire world, with internationally acclaimed sculptures, paintings, and statues available for people to view. French paintings and artists are also internationally acclaimed, in particular, Renoir and Monet are two of the most popular artists ever existed in the world.

If you visit the France, especially the South of the country, you’ll find other popular traditions like the Sardane dancing which is popular in Perpignan, and boules, a French game widely played by old people in particular. You’ll also find welcoming and friendly citizens who will make your stay in France incredibly pleasant. While in France, don’t forget to visit their restaurants to have a taste of their delicious cuisines and wines. They have a wide variety of foods that will leave your mouth watering for more.